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  #3 Manora $185
  Chef style deep fried, marinated shrimps in rice paper  
with a dipping sauce
#4 #5 Satay Nuea Rue Gai 
Thai style beef or chicken satay, roasted peanut sauce and spicy pickled cucumbers
#6 Pohpia Thod 
Crispy fried spring rolls filled with glass noodles minced
chicken and vegetables, sweet and sour chili sauce
#7 Pik Kai Thod
Boneless chiken wing deep fried whit a Thai BBQ Sauce
chicken and vegetables, sweet and sour chili sauce
#8 Phad Cha 
  Stirfried New Zeland mussels with spicy herbs  
#21 Yum Nuea 
Grilled warm beef salad with crunchy vegetables, fresh
lime, and chili dressing
#22 Yum Woon Sen
Thai glass noodle salad with minced chicken and shrimp
#23 Somtam Goong - Sod
Spicey green papaya salad with fresh shrimp and roasted peanuts
#24 Mach Cha Talay
Savory thai fresh tuna salad with cashews  
#31 Tom Yam Goong 
Sour and spicey shrimp soup with lemon grass and straw mushrooms
#32 Tom Kha Gai 
Chicken and coconut soup with citronella
#41 Kaeng Ka-Ri Goong 
The nicest shrimp in creamy yellow curry with onions and fried shallot
#42 Pha Naeng Nuea 
Delicious dish of sliced beef tenderloin in an aromatic peanut Pha-naeng curry  
#43 Gaeng Kiew Wan Gai 
The all time favorite green curry chicken
Noodles, Rice and Veggies
#51 Pad Thai 
Fried rice noodles with shrimp, peanuts and bean sprouts  
#52#53#54 Kao Phad Gai, Goong o Ruam
Fried jasmine rice minced carrot and spring onion with: 
  Chiken $265
  Shirmp $365
  Mixed $299
#55 Kaow Phad Sapparod
Steamed jasmine rice sauteed with yellow curry powder,
pineapple, cashew nut, shrimps and chicken
Vegetarians Dishes
#56 Betong
  Spicy vegetarian soya cheese with pumpkin and cashew nuts  
#57 Phad Sam Si
  Deep fried soya cheese with sweet and sour sauce  

#58 Phad Pak Rum                                                 255 Vegetales mixtos en salsa de soya con nuez de la india

#59 Phad Thai Vegetarian                                     265  Fideos de arroz salteados con cacahuate y germen de soya 




Menu subject to change

Meat, Seafood and Chicken
#62 Goong Phad Nor Mai Thai 
Spicy shrimps with “guajillo” chilli and bamboo shoots, leek and red bell peppers
#63 Sarika 
Sauteed sliced chicken breast with vegetables in light soya sauce  
#65 Thai Lamb 
Thai style grilled lamb chops served with yellow rice and
cold chili mint sauce
#66 Kai Phat Met 
Deep fried chicken with cashew nut and sweet chili paste in a
brown sauce
#67 Phad Priew Wan Pla Rue Gai
Sweet and sour deep fried (fish or chicken to choose) with
vegetables and pineapple (no mix)
#68 Mungkorn Thai 
Grilled caribbean lobster with tamarind sauce and spring
onion chives (seasonal, ask your waiter)
#69 Pla De Phuket 
Deep fried crunchy fish fillet flavored with ginger and garlic
in tamarind chili sauce (Thai favorite)
#71 Undamun 
Steamed fish fillet flavored with lemongrass, fresh lime juice, crushed
chili and glass noodles
#72 Song Quaw 
Stir-fried beef and shrimp with exotic spices and water chestnuts
#73 Bankok 
  A typical dish from Bangkok of shrimp and sliced chicken in a
medium spicy gentle sauce
#74 Chaokoh
  Stir fried fish and shrimps with spinach, straw mushroom in a hot
coconut sauce
#75 Nueayang
8oz. of Angus beef steak with a creamy herbs sauce served with
papaya salad on the side (Only served medium. If you don’t like it
you can order another dish)
#76 Lanta
8oz. of fresh Canadian salmon steak with garlic and chili sauce (If
we can’t get the fresh salmon, we don’t have it)
#91 Star - Thai 
Special fried coconut ice cream in bread roll with
chocolate sauce
#92 Kao Neaw Mamuangt 
The all time classic mango and sticky rice (seasonal)
#93 Ice Cream Kati, Mamuagt o Mandarina 
Coconut, green tea ice cream or Lychee servet
#94 Thian - Thong 
Sweet spring rolls filled with mango and pineapple with
chocolate sauce